Workspaces designed craftspeople for craftspeople and people who appreciate them.


The Workshops at Howard Heights LLC is committed to offering reasonably priced light-industrial workspace and  a collaborative and supportive creative environment for craftspeople, makers, and tinkerers in a central North Charleston neighborhood.  

Turning dreams into reality does not happen overnight.  It takes faith, risks, and determination.  With each step, we keep the following beliefs at the forefront.  

Making matters.
We recognize there is a human need for making and creating.  It is wonderful to enjoy the information and technology age, but sustainability comes from knowing that individuals can make their own way. 

 Community matters.
We seek opportunities to create community through a shared appreciation of unique places, practiced skills, and diverse perspectives.  We celebrate place by recognizing it as a permanent thread, which connects everyone who inhabits or visits it.  We celebrate skills by offering opportunities to share and learn from each other.  We celebrate diverse perspectives as essential to the fostering of creativity.

Quality matters.
We find value not in what is the cheapest, but what delivers the most benefits for the expenditure.  We recognize that good work is not cheap and cheap work is not good.  We choose to invest in that which enhances the quality of our lives and lives of those with whom we work.

Legacy matters.
As Wendell Berry writes “If we understand that no artist--no maker--can work except by reworking the works of Creation, then we see that by our work, by the way we practice our arts, we reveal what we think of the works of God.”